100 Travel Girls To Follow On Instagram In 2019

by Bold Tuesday

100 Travel Girls To Follow On Instagram In 2019

We put together a fresh list of 100 iconic female travellers, whose journeys you should be following in 2019. The list features travel girls around the world in no particular order, so be sure check out them all. And PS! In the very end you'll find someone, who is probably our favourite travel girl of them all. So scroll-scroll-scroll.

Take a look at the list and find your favourite gals who inspire you to quit that boring job, buy a one-way plane ticket and live your dreams!

1. @girlborntotravel (225K FOLLOWERS)

2. @nat_al_ie (44.6K followers)

3. @camillamilja (89.1K followers)

4. @chelseakauai (720K followers)

5. @kiitana (470K followers)

6. @shazaira (84.6K followers)

7. @mvandersluis (204K followers)

8. @pilotmaria (533K followers)

9. @thetravellingypsy (3.8K followers)

10. @oneikatraveller (76.3K followers)

11. @nina.kom_ (33.8K followers)

12. @meg_legs (469K followers)

13. @officiallyquigley (182K followers)

14. @frauki (371K followers)

15. @jessomewhere (44.6K followers)

16. @polkadotpassport (240K followers)

17. @musesuniform (88.5K followers)

18. @saltyluxe (291K followers)

19. @bettergetwanderlost (29.4K followers)

20. @kaitvanhoff (60.7K followers)

21. @marisahampe (136K followers)

22. @merlia (5K followers)

23. @eyeofshe (73.9K followers)

24. @spiritedpursuit (137K followers)

25. @kirstycane (102K followers)

26. @haylsa (262K followers)

27. @marenborander (10.4K followers)

28. @ju.hu.lia (94.2K followers)

29. @nanja__ (66.9K followers)

30. @angelaliggs (161K followers)

31. @lizah (179K followers)

32. @sophiapope (27.7K followers)

33. @tracy_komlos (101K followers)

34. @_elisabarberio_ (2.7K followers)

35. @errincasa (104K followers)

36. @vickarellaaa (27K followers)

37. @traveliciouspl (49.8K followers)

38. @tiffpenguin (340K followers)

39. @mycolourfulworld_ (93.5K followers)

40. @chasingjuliawild (6.9K followers)

41. @jessihoffy (51.4K followers)

42. @carriemeonmyway (18.4K followers)

43. @rayywanders (27.3K followers)

44. @asiyami_gold (221K followers)

45. @belenhostalet (784K followers)

46. @jacgiltrow (34.2K followers)

47. @kitkat_ch (266K followers)

48. @asasteinars (125K followers)

49. @alliemtaylor (634K followers)

50. @lisahomsy (325K followers)

51. @khemric (90.3K followers)

52. @zoaesis (2K followers)

53. @meghanorourkee (79K followers)

54. @bettina___h (72.9K followers)

55. @sarahpour (128K followers)

56. @carmenhuter (130K followers)

57. @candela.mont (69.2K followers)

58. @joellefriend (207K followers)

59. @globusliebe (24.1K followers)

60. @coastalkells (19.3K followers)

61. @meganhassa (42.3K followers)

62. @worldwanderlust (605K followers)

63. @pincaboo (26K followers)

64. @ticket.to.anywhere (56.5K followers)

65. @rochelleallen (6.7K followers)

66. @reneeroaming (347K followers)

67. @lolahubner (55.9K followers)

68. @marianapostcards (24.1K followers)

69. @todayimin (22.1K followers)

70. @janonajourney (3.1K followers)

71. @rusticbones (205K followers)

72. @morton_mac (52.1K followers)

73. @kirstinvang (41.7K followers)

74. @alohaa_jana (61.3K followers)

75. @thepathlesswandered (15.2K followers)

76. @glographics (65.9K followers)

77. @hilvees (458K followers)

78. @mddyelrck (136K followers)

79. @your_passport (177K followers)

80. @dani_the_explorer (91.5K followers)

81. @heykelseyj (93.5K followers)

82. @withlai (348K followers)

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M A G I C ✨ swipe for a different angle!

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83. @kirxxii (54.5K followers)

84. @shuutravels (10K followers)

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Be there or be square ◽️◾️🏀 #shuutravels

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85. @kindregardsjulie (37.5K followers)

86. @joliejanine (255K followers)

87. @iamstais (3.1K followers)

88. @hannahjanoe (7.5K followers)

89. @helloemilie (1.2M followers)

90. @emilielula (24.1K followers)

91. @finduslost (168K followers)

92. @oneworldjustgo (65.3K followers)

93. @destinationchaser (133K followers)

94. @nicolexknox (56.2K followers)

95. @kivelajulia (5.6K followers)

96. @giuligartner (242K followers)

97. @katarina_mandarina (37.1K followers)

98. @latin.spirit (45.3K followers)

99. @cherrielynn (126K followers)

100. @miss.rover (4.9K followers)

And a furry bonus travel gal! Probably our favourite one on the list:

101. @sukiicat (1.3M followers)

YAY. You made it to the end! We hope that this list gave you some inspiration for your next adventures and some new travellers to keep an eye on. Let us know your favourite travel accounts in the comments or mention the ones who you think deserve to be added to this list!

Bold Tuesday
Bold Tuesday


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