Top 10 gift ideas for children

  • by Kairi Kuuskor

We have put together a list of gifts for kids. Take a look and find some inspiration! Christmas is coming but those gifts are always cool to have, whatever the situation.


# 1: Hats by Costo

Finnish brand Costo and their Kombai hats are loved all over the world. The happy hat comes in many materials, colours and patterns. Kombai hat is accompanied by a special changeable Costo pom-pom, to match with different days and moods. 

In Costo products all the choices reflect Costo’s unique philosophy of sustainable design.



# 2: Book of Animals: Eagle

A book full of animals. Pop out the cardboard pieces and make all the animals along with the sceneries.
The impressive lion, the agile predatory bird, the ordinary garden snail or cute koala bear - the animals are all interpreted in a vintage basic style and are all equally detailed.


# 3: Elephant chair

Whether used as a toy or a decorative item in a children's room, this friendly-looking elephant with its friendly curvaceous lines, its intense expression and its distinctive, over-sized ears is bound to bring cheer and enjoyment to many a child's and parent's heart.
Designed by Charles & Ray Eames in 1945.



# 4: Little backpack Kånken Kids

Kånken was released in 1978 to help prevent back problems seen among Swedish school children. Small backpack has straps that are specifically designed to fit a small child’s back and a chest strap to hold the shoulder straps in place. The format is perfect for children who want to carry their own packed lunch or pack their favourite teddy, a change of clothes, piece of fruit or anything else they might want to have with them through the day.



# 5: Ceramic plates

In Hele's studio ceramic plates and bowls are handmade  by a professional artist. Hele's design is based upon simple forms and graphics and bring joy in a kid's eyes when eating oatmeal for breakfast.



# 5: Block Alphabet

Wooden blocks with numbers or alphabet is the most classical and nostalgic toy, great for crafts or learning. 

# 7: Wooden toy cars   

100% TobeUs is an exhibition about the value of the mindful use of objects and the idea that toys are important. One hundred international designers, between the most important in the world, accepted to play with TobeUs, creating a unique collection of one hundred wooden cars, designed with fantasy, simpleness and the wish to give a message of sustainability and joyfulness to children.     



# 8: Wallpaper "Mine metsa!"

The collection "Mine Metsa!" ("Go to the forest!") by Karin Luuk contains interactive wallpapers, animal-shaped pillows, soft broaches and T-shirts that can be coloured. The whole collection has been inspired by the incredible nature of Estonia. Karin wishes to remind everyone that humans are a part of the nature. GO TO THE FOREST – come out of your room, get to know Estonian nature, notice an animal and even if you cannot go to the forest, feel the nature in the city!

# 8: A classic ride-on car

Designed for both adoration and play, it makes a very special gift for any little automobile enthusiast and an impressive display item for their bedroom. This handsome metal racing car with its crisp red body and shiny silver steering wheel, is a classic child's ride-on toy which will certainly stand out.

Metal ride-on car by Vilac



# 10: A "color and draw" poster

Our own Note's poster can be used as a canvas for drawings and writings, marking incredible animals around the world or learning different countires by colouring them. Either way, this map is a reminder that there is always more to discover.

Colour! World







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