Awesome summerlong camper roadtrip

Awesome summerlong camper roadtrip

Ever thought of packing all your stuff and going on a roadtrip for the whole summer? We have. But if you're too busy to hit the road this summer then we have something to keep the dream alive. Join us as we follow our friends from Gram Media on their psychedelic camper van roadtrip from Estonia to Portugal, Boom festival. Along the way they will visit 13 countries and search for all kinds of alternative communities and ways of living, which they will film and eventually turn into a documentary. Each week we will follow their progress and share some pretty sweet footage with you.


We are also helping them spice up their van with a large map (jep, that's what we're best at - making awesome maps) where they can mark the shooting sites, coolest cities on the way, places where their plans get messed up or something unexpected happens, beautiful natural wonders or anything else they want to remember from this epic roadtrip.

We are also going to run four Facebook give-aways where we ask you to drop some names for special, extraordinary, supercool and unknown places in the next country Gram Media is nearing. To give you a hint - it will be Latvia, Croatia, Italy and Portugal. Whoever suggests the best place (our road-trippers make the choice) gets a Bold Tuesday travel poster of their choice. Check out Bold Tuesday's Facebook and join the game!

But let's get back to the lovely folk at Gram Media. Who are they?
The team consists of Niels, Kairi and Ronet. Niels is from the Netherlands, he’s a filmmaker who is a mix of a genius mechatronics-man and cinematographer with multiple skills managing to always stay positive. Kairi is from Estonia, she loves to combine theatre, film, spirituality and psychedelic art-forms. She holds our path in the right direction. Ronet is also from Estonia, he’s a cinematographer who loves analogue photography, vintage designs, and is a true MacGyver who can fix everything!
The three of them met during their Erasmus experience in Portugal, as all studied in Porto’s filmschool ESAP. After those times Kairi and Ronet moved to Amsterdam and started to work together with Niels. During that miraculous time Niels got the idea to extend this awesomeness and trip around Europe with a camper and use their professional skills everywhere they go.

"Professional skills" is mildly put - these are super-talented young film people! Check out their previous videos here!


What about camper van life?
"Living in a camper = living in freedom. Everywhere we park is a new home. We truly enjoy how it makes us feel inhabitants of the Earth, where the interests of our world grows with every kilometre. Living in a camper is low-cost and great fun, every morning a different view, every day a different road and every night the same beautiful sky."

The trip will take them from the most Northern point of the Baltics, Tallinn over mountains, lakes and forests to the far south-west of Europe, where the cherry on the pie - Boom festival in Portugal - is waiting for them. Never heard about Boom before? Here's what Gram Media told us about it: "Definitely look up their homepage for more information: www.boomfestival.org. This year's theme is Shamanism and this is the number one festival what encourages all the participants to be connected with the Earth. To take care of the Earth and all living beings on this planet. It deals with the environment around us and helps to gain contact with our inner selves."

Why are they doing this?
"We would like to share a message with the world. We encourage everyone to do what they love, lure them out of their comfort zones and encourage to explore the world. We’d like to share certain places and lands that you might not have seen before. To project a better focus on how beautiful our Earth is, and to give understanding why we should cherish every little piece of it."

True words! Can't agree more! Stay tuned for updates, check out our Facebook game and stay curious about the world!


Now it's just a few days left before Gram Media takes off on their awesome roadtrip. Pretty much everything is ready, the large map on the van as well. Here's what it looks like on Gram's camper van - pretty cool, huh? Turns out sticking something that large on this kind of uneven surface is one hell of a science. Check out this video to see how it was actually done! 


Gram Media is happily on the way and are having a blast in Latvia. They were really enchanted by Ogre's Blue Mountain Hills that our first game's winner Zane recommended to them! Here is a small clip they shot of the lookout tower:

And this is how the camper map looks like: first the trip from the Netherlands to Estonia, then through Latvia and now already on their way to Lithuania. Stay tuned and don't miss the next game at the end of June when they will be approaching Croatia!


Flashback from the beginning of the journey. Enjoy the magic of Estonian swamps!


Gram Media is now adventuring somewhere in Hungary! They have passed Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia. Here is an overview of what they saw and did there: "The first destination after a two months long basecamp in Estonia was LATVIA, where we met some wild bees who enjoy living in white sandstone outcrops in Sietiņiezis's Rock. We experienced miles of wooden stairs, which always lead to a paradise. We heard surprising stories by Ojars Narvils, the creator of the Rabbit Village, what we will bring to you soon in a short documentary."

The new-age Icosahedron Dome of Merkinė, Lithuania

Discovering hidden gems in the mountains of Slovakia 



This is what happens when you're busy making other plans - life with its ironic sense of humour!
'Let's go to Croatia they said, it would be fun they said'
Turns out Gram Media won't be heading there after all, here's why:



The journey continues! 
"Driving between mountains as far as the eyes can reach, hiking towards their tops for breathtaking viewing points, dining together with Nosferatu, battling with poisonous snakes and drinking mineral-water straight from the source. Slovakia proved to be one mystical place." 
Stay tuned for more adventures as Gram Media approaches Italy and we launch our next give-away at the end of the week, where you can win our cool maps to mark down your own travels and road trips.
Get inspired! The whole beautiful summer is still ahead!


"Integrating in the camper community at Lake Bled in Slovenia"

"Laundry day in our little spaceship"



Along the way to Italy:
Three new souls named Piccolo, Penotti and Cazzo decided to join Gram Media's ship of freedom after they fished them out of the trash, covered with a million different insects and parasites.
"If you ever come across a similar gift, don't hesitate to help, they need love just as everyone."

camper van with puppies



Your next dose of inspiration - Gram Media capturing the Hungary. 
We're speechless! Enjoy! :)



What's up Gram Media?

"Today we have been one month, two weeks and two days on the road since the resuming of our trip on the 6th of June, travelling from Estonia to Portugal. So far we've hoisted the sails high and traveled til' the very south of Italy where our hair is turning as white as our asses and sweat out more water then we can drink.

What did we learn so far? Nothing.. Joking.. We saw the Baltics from new angles where Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland gave us countless of hidden gems. We've climbed the breath-taking mountains of Slovakia and Slovenia, with the camper and without her, both at least just as hard. We've cycled through Budapest, ate a numerous of local and traditional dishes like the nice and greasy lángos in Hungary. We've drank mineral water straight from the source, swam in volcanic water, got refused in Croatia for not having legal travel documents and by now have three new family members on board. Spaceship, sailboat, puppy care-centre, called it what you want, our camper is showing us Europe in all it's beauty and complexity.

Between all this madness we continue our road through Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, who knows what next, and hope to keep you guys updated with our latest adventures."

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