Peel Off Visited Countries

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  • ✔ Best looking travel map! This minimal looking world travel map is the best choice if you want to mark your travels AND have a nice design art print on your wall. This scratch map won’t get messy as other scratch maps out there, because instead of scratching the surface you peel off each visited country with ease. Countries are cut into the black matte surface and separated by borders, so you get always clear and sharp edges without ruining your world map. In addition to getting just a travel map, you get a great looking design piece for years as well.

    ✔ It really motivates to explore new countries! At first, the world map is totally black and the contours of countries are barely visible. Every time you travel to a new country, you will peel off the shape of that country and reveal a white surface underneath. Our globetrotter world map shows you a clear overview of how much of the world you’ve really traveled and what areas to explore next. The more you travel, the whither your personal travel map gets. Your map is totally unique - just like you and your travels!

    ✔ A unique gift for travelers & design lovers! We know that travelers will love our travel map. We have sold to +60 countries around the world. And have tens of thousands of happy customers. Take the word from our buyers: "I was very impressed with this map. Much better representation of countries visited than any scratch-off maps I have seen. Highly recommend." "Was looking for a world map for 4 years now and finally found one of my dreams!"
    • Poster size: 70 x 50 cm (28” x 20”)
    • Premium, high-quality, matt sticker paper
    • Detailed, sharp & outstanding cutting quality
    • Metal pin included: a free tool to help you peel off visited countries
    ✔ Ready to gift!
    Our black matte scratch map comes rolled in a gift-ready poster tube. The map itself is rolled into black silk paper and carefully slipped in a sturdy cardboard tube. The silk paper gives extra protection, keeps the map dust free and is a nice finish when opened by a happy traveler.
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  • Q: Why can't I see any countries, do I have to stick them on?
    A: It’s a black sticker map where you peel off visited countries! At first, it’s all black, but if you look closer then you see the lines of different countries. The more countries you visit, the whiter and more personalized your map becomes. PS! Make sure to peel carefully, otherwise, the borders between the countries might come along.

    Q: I only visited Moscow, do I have to remove whole Russia?
    A: Yes. We’ve thought about separating it into oblasts, but that would make the map too confusing. Then we’d also have to separate the USA into states and France into different regions etc. It would go on and on and eventually, you wouldn’t recognize your world map.

    Q: Can I write on it?
    A: No, because it’s made of silicone paper and the ink doesn’t stay on it. But you could find some sticker dots from the office supply store and mark specific places like that.

    Q: How do I hang it on the wall?
    A: We are product designers and user experience is super important to us: most other travel maps are in odd sizes, so travelers have difficulties to frame their world map. But we have solved this problem! The size of our scratch map is 50 x 70 cm - a perfect fit for any home and frame. SO you have 3 easy ways to display your personal travel map: Option 1: Our travel map fits in a standard size picture frame (for example RIBBA frame from IKEA is a good choice); Option 2: You can buy our innovative wooden magnetic poster hangers so you can mark your travels without taking it out of a frame! Option 3: You can stick your travel map from corners directly to the wall (instructions included).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Lovely map

The product was excatly as described. It is a beautiful piece of art on your wall and makes you want to travel to new countries...
Greasy fingerprints show easily on the black surface so pay attention when peeling off new countries.

Hey Merja, we're stoked to hear that your Go World map makes you wanna travel more! Mission accomplished. PS! It's made of vinyl so you can easily wipe the fingerprints off with a dry towel ;)
Best surprise present

I have always adored Bold Tuesday maps and secretly wishing that it would hang on my wall 🙈. But even though I haven't bought it for myself, then it is an amazing gift to other travel enthusiasts as it is good tracking for your travels yet a stylish element for your home or office. I think it is incredible idea and I hope that one day I will have a Bold Tuesday map hanging on my wall.. ❤️ But until then I will gift it to all my friends. Keep on rocking! ⚡️✨

Hey RJ, thank you for spreading the love for Bold Tuesday and making all your friends happy with the coolest gifts. Can't go wrong with a sleek world map indeed! We hope that one day you decide to make your own walls awesome too and get yourself your very own travel poster :P

Fantastic product!

Love this map!

I've been wanting a travel map for a long time, but didn't like the looks of all those rainbow-colored scratch-off versions. This black and white version is perfect! I'm so impressed with the level of detail given that it's all essentially one big sticker. Just be sure to treat it with care - I would suggest maybe attaching it to a piece of poster board before you try to frame or hang it, so it has a nice rigid backing.

Hey fellow travelholic, we're so happy you finally found yourself the one and only travel map. Wishing you lots of amazing adventures to come!