List Of Countries By Size

  • ✔ This unique world map poster features all the countries of the world from biggest to smallest. Yes, we listed 196 countries of the world by their size! Why? The world (map) is mostly portrayed in one way - the Mercator projection way. Which means the sizes of the countries are skewed. But that’s not the only way. To change your perspective and open your mind, take a look at the world in a new and organized way. The actual relative sizes of countries. All you perfectionists out there, you are welcome.

    ✔ A travel map with a twist of knowledge. How fast can you find your own country from that list? Do you know your neighbors by heart? What’s the smallest country in the world? Get all the answers. Get 'em now. We included the names of the countries and capitals there too, to make things a little easier for you. We also added tiny sticker dots, so you can mark all of your travels down on the poster.

    ✔ Perfect gift for travelers & design lovers! We know that travelers will love our travel map. We have sold to +60 countries around the world. And have tens of thousands of happy customers. Take the word from our buyers: "For a map nerd like me, this is a whole new way of looking at countries. I love it. The idea and design are so simple, clear and clean. It’s perfect." "It was a gift for a friend who loved it very much. She likes travelling so it was thoughtful and practical but also visually very appealing"
    • Poster size: 61 x 91.4 cm (24” x 36”)
    • Sustainably sourced high-quality, matt & fully coated acid-free paper
    • Paper weight: 170 gsm (115 lb) art paper
    • Detailed, sharp & outstanding printing quality
    • Sticker dots included: diameter 5 mm (3/16"), 196 red dots on a sheet
    ✔ Ready to gift!
    Our list of countries world map comes rolled in a gift-ready poster tube. The poster itself is rolled into black silk paper and carefully slipped in a sturdy cardboard tube. The silk paper gives extra protection, keeps the map dust free and is a nice finish when opened by a happy traveler.
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  • Q: What's special about this poster?
    A: On this poster, all the countries are listed by area, from biggest to smallest. This way you can see the relative size of each country compared to another. Most world maps use Mercator Projection, but it distorts the size of countries as the latitude increases from the Equator to the poles. Making landmasses near the North and South Pole such as Greenland and Antarctica appear much larger than they actually are, relative to land masses near the equator such as Central Africa. No distortions on List of Countries poster, only true sizes!

    Q: Why is there no Greeland?
    A: We have listed all the countries with their mainland only. Greenland belongs to Denmark and we decided to keep the list as clear as possible, so we took the total area of countries with their oversea territories that were close to the mainland and listed these from biggest to smallest. Beside Greenland, we have excluded Antarctica, Western Sahara and some other territories belonging to certain countries, but scattered around the world. Antarctica isn’t a country and Western Sahara is disputed territory with no clear political status. If we added all of them then this poster would have to be several times bigger!

    Q: Why is there no Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland?
    A: Because Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland are not entirely independent countries but are four somewhat autonomous regions that are part of the country known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or just the United Kingdom for short. Everything revolving around countries and maps is always a bit complicated and it’s difficult to have one correct answer that will satisfy everyone. Which is why there will always be differences of opinions, but we’ve decided to go with this option regarding the UK.

    Q: Why is there no Hawaii?
    A: Because it’s just so far away from the mainland, we decided not to distort the map to fit it in and didn’t depict it on the List of Countries poster.

    Q: On your collective list of all the countries in the world you guys forgot about Taiwan!
    A: Maps and territories are political, so everything really depends on where you stand. We’ve decided to include the 193 members of the UN, the two UN observers (Palestine and Vatican City), and Kosovo to equal 196 countries on our products. According to UN Taiwan is not a separate country but is part of the Republic of China, which is why it's not featured on our list either. Everything revolving around countries and maps is always a bit complicated and it's difficult to have one correct answer that will satisfy everyone. Which is why there will always be differences of opinions. 

    Q: How do I hang it on the wall?
    A: The size of our world map is 61 x 91.4 cm (24" x 36") - a perfect fit for any home and frame. So you have 2 easy ways to display your poster: Option 1: Our poster fits in a standard size picture frame (for example RIBBA frame from IKEA is a good choice); Option 2: You can buy our innovative wooden magnetic poster hangers so you can mark your travels without taking it out of a frame!

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome map

Althouth filling up the countries you've been can give you an existential crisis.

Great product

Ordered the poster online, after seeing it in a small store in France last summer. Delivery was even quicker than expected everything arrived pretty nice.

As stated on the site, the poster fits perfectly in an IKEA Ribba-frame. The only problem with that is that the 'glass' is plastic and gets really static. It's hard to see what's dust and what are the small countries at the bottem.

Anyhow! Totally recommended!

Excellent item

This looks fantastic on my study wall and was worth every penny. It's great to have this information at your fingertips and is a great way to teach my son a little something about all the countries in the world. Very happy with the purchase.

Hi Grant, we're delighted to hear that you're pleased with our List of Countries poster! Your beautiful words are much appreciated.
Countries Lrg to Sm Map

The item was a Christmas gift At this time I’m not positive on a good or bad review

Everyone loves it !

Such a conversation starter. Great product really happy with the 3 posters we had sent .

Hey Paul, we're really glad that you're pleased with all of your Bold Tuesday posters! Thanks for sharing the love :)