Hi! We are Kairi Kuuskor and Markus Marks, designers from Tallinn, Estonia – a place that is so small that you won't really need a map to travel around here! You need, though, a map to travel the whole world. For that, we made Bold Tuesday. We design interactive maps and creative travel posters that help you get a better view of your adventures – where have you traveled so far and where do you plan to go next? Every travel map poster tells a unique story because you are the one who creates it! It’s your world, your trips and travels – we just provide you with the clever canvas.

You can use Bold Tuesday travel maps to mark the visited countries, simply as a stylish interior design element or, if you are not a true traveler yourself, as a unique travel gift to an adventurous friend. It is a clever solution for a real problem – we all want to make original and sophisticated gifts but often we just don’t have the time for it. For some people, it’s really difficult to come up with a perfect gift idea or easy to get it wrong. Our travel posters solve this problem – they are based on an idea that leaves few people cold. We all love to travel – to be amazed by astonishing wonders of the nature, to spice up our minds with different cultures and traditions, to learn to treasure every moment we experience something we have never seen or felt before! Moving makes us feel alive and we all know that fun begins where our comfort zones end, but every now and then, we need a friendly reminder to get up, pack the bag, grab a camera and go adventure hunting. Bold Tuesday maps will show you how much there is still to discover!
Stop waiting. Be bold and go! 

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