Our story



Hi, we’re Markus and Kairi—two designers from Estonia. In 2014, we realized we needed something to pull us out of the work-around-the-clock rabbit hole of our design studio. With that need came the realization that a life without travel was incomplete (seriously). So we decided to bring our passion for travel and good design together to create cool things: minimalist travel posters with a unique, interactive component. We dabbled, we saw interest, and on one fateful—dare we say, bold—Tuesday afternoon, we decided to take the full leap (gulp). Voilà—Bold Tuesday was born.

 In 2016, we decided to turn our duo into a tripod—you can read about our elusive Minnesotan marketing manager here.

Inspired by Scandinavian design, Bold Tuesday creates uniquely aesthetic maps and prints to incite curiosity, travel, and minimalistic beauty. Each design acts as a canvas, allowing you to mark your travels and bring your world to your walls.

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