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Why use vision boards with your clients and teams:

The perfect method for visualizing the desired future together

Gets your client’s imagination and creativity going

Helps quieter clients express themselves more easily

Keeps your clients motivated and focused on their goals

Ideal for homework or an independent assignment

Why Vision Board Reimagined™ is better than any other tool:

✓ Ready to use – no need to gather or prepare materials

✓ Saves both your and your client’s time

✓ You can use it over and over again

✓ You can use it remotely – ship it directly to your client

✓ Flexible – you can use it for different visualization exercises

✓ Looks professional, stylish, and mature

✓ Perfect "welcome" and "graduation" gift

Coaches, mentors, counselors, HR specialists, and leaders from around the world have successfully used Vision Board Reimagined™ to help their clients thrive.

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A Practical Tool That Supports Coaching Process

"I have used Vision Board Reimagined in executive coaching and my clients' positive feedback has inspired me to use it in the future in team coaching, mentoring, and supervision as well. The vision board has helped my clients visualize their strengths, resources, values, priorities, goals, and other aspects of life that help them experience more satisfaction and well-being in life. Vision Board Reimagined is not only visually beautiful but also a practical tool that has supported us throughout our coaching process. It's comfortable for clients to take the vision board with them when they come to coaching and use it, for example, to remember their resources and strengths in times of challenges, keep the focus on their priorities and make better, value-based decisions."

Kaidi Peets

Supervisor, Executive & Team Coach, Mentor International Supervision & Coaching Institute Co-founder & Lecturer

Flexible Visualization Tool for Any Mentor, Psychologist, or Counsellor

"Vision Board Reimagined is a great tool for a professional mentor, psychologist, or counsellor! My mentee had a complicated relationship with their client. I asked him to describe how he wishes to make his client ideally feel, using creative visualization. My mentee chose one word (Trust) from the Power Words deck. I asked him to place it in the middle of the board and surround it with images and words marking symbols that help achieve Trust. E.g. strengths he already knows he has. It took only a short time to form a full image, which I then asked the mentee to describe and explain further. Describing helped him to imagine the desired situation and get in contact with his inner strengths and resources to design a more positive work life. In the end he took a photo of his creation with him."

Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

Happy Workplace OU founder & Work Happiness Advocate

Inspiring and Sleek Tool for My Personal Life and Coaching Practice 

I got several folders and card packs (Photos, Illustrations, Powerful Questions, Power Words, etc). Although visualizing the future doesn't come easily to me, I used the VBR to swiftly compose my personal vision board. I also introduced it to some of my coaching clients as part of visualization exercises. We all liked the feel and style of the product (e.g. colors, chosen photographs). It's an inspiring and sleek tool, and while some of the card sleeves need a few swipes to reach optimal flexibility, it's a satisfying experience to use. Warmly recommended!

Mihkel Joasoo

Coach & People Development Specialist

Vision Board Reimagined Aligns with My Coaching Philosophy

Bold Tuesday’s concept of the vision board aligns with my coaching philosophy as it encourages a beautiful unfolding. For me, vision-boarding is the discovery and curation of our deepest aspirations as we listen and submit to our highest calling. Visioneering is an ongoing process that can illuminate what is in our hearts, reflect how we choose to serve, and shift us into our dynamic purpose. My husband, children, and I believe in the process. We often dream together and regularly create mood boards to appreciate and celebrate the charm of our journey.

Yanique Griffiths

The Vision Project Company Founder & Facilitator

I Use it With My Coaching Clients Every Single Day

Getting clear on exactly what you want to create in your life is more important now than ever before. There has never been a better time in the history of the world to dream up and achieve success. I love using my Vision Board Reimagined™ products because it so easily helps reinforce the science of visualization. It is a powerful tool for creating massive results and the Bold Tuesday team has created such an impressive and easy to use product to support that endeavor. I use it in my personal life and with my coaching clients every single day. I would highly recommend a vision board to anyone who is intent on living a full life.

Camille Osborn
Intuitive Business Coach for 7 figure earners

Wish to place multiple orders and use Vision Board Reimagined™ with your clients and team?

Apply for professional membership and get special discounts.


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