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Notebook: Powerful Questions


One of the best purchases I ever made.
Looks great and very high-quality.

One small thing that bothers me is that Palestine and the Vatican are missing. Other disputed countries like Kosovo are included however, and so are all the other micro countries like Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein. So it doesn't really make sense not to include Palestine and the Vatican.

Still worth 5 stars for sure!

Neat design

What a clever idea! Beautiful, neat and well functioning design. The cards that come with the board are a nice base for starting the vision board. For a specific topic, you may want to look into other card sets. Totally recommend it to anybody who believes in the power of visualisation and appreciates nice design.

On point

One of my favorite packs so far.

Modern take on a vision board

I like it a lot - it is compact, stylish and well made. It helped me to figure out what I want and looking at it keeps me on that track. I like how easy it was to set it up and change the cards. Although I wish there were some motivational cards in the Vision Board Reimagined™ Kit also.

Easy Vision Board

Creating a vision board for myself in the past was a bit overwhelming. I did not have access to magazines which are typically used to pull images and words. This made it very easy and fun!
My only complaint: some of the slots to insert cards we too small and took a lot more pressure, damaging the cards a little.
My suggestions: 1) add hanging hooks or attachable tabs for those who want to display on a wall 2) make a trifold option to add another 9 slots (it was hard to narrow down some of my visions/goals).

thank you

Great poster

Great product. Quick delivery. Second time I’ve ordered from these guys and am super happy. Had this in my last apartment and had to get it again. There are frames at ikea big enough.

Balance – 52 Motivational Cards

I love this vision board

I haven't done a vision board for several years mainly because I have to buy tons of magazines and it is only captures one moment in time. I saw this online and I was intrigued. I'm so happy I made the purchase. Not only is this a beautiful vision board I love how I can change it up whenever I want. I keep it on my desk and look at it throughout the day. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a modern take on a vision board.

Love my kit!

I love the images and affirmations. They really go hand in hand. Love the board, but it can be bigger (or maybe my visions and dreams are too many). Having said that I also love the fact that it can be revised as one evolves in life...
Maybe it is a bit trivial but I also liked the quality of cards and board. Nice materials.

Some cards could be more diverse.

Great motivation daily dose!

Love this motivational quotes to keep your focus every day. And great design as it's common to all Bold Tuesday products. Just love them all!!

Perfect gift for yourself, family and friends

I ordered the Vision Board as an anniversary gift and it was just as enjoyable to share with my partner for discussing future dreams, goals and plans as I had imagined. Photos and cards make the board lively and fun to review daily and remind myself that life is more and more fun than only daily struggles. Highly recommend!

Boost of positivity and confidence

Just really love the boost of positivity and can-do-anything attitude these cards give. Perfect addition to the photos on my vision board and/or reminder on low motivation days.

Favourite notebook I ever had!

I love this design and dotted pages! And good to take a moment for thinking to these questions as well!

Love this vision board!

This vision board is really useful for planning your future and set goals. It's easy to use and re-organise as often you wish. It's so great design and nice peace on decoration as well ;)

Love these motivational cards and beautiful design

Gratitude Cards is a great tool for everyday motivation to remember all these amazing things to be thankful in your life! And I specially love this amazing design of these cards and all other products from Bold Tuesday!!

A Birthday Gift

I gifted the Vision Board Reimagined Kit to one of my Student Veterans, a divorced, single mom of 3 boys, for her birthday. She was surprised and excited by this gift and truly loves it, as she is a planner and visual person. Thank you for allowing her to see her dreams and goals in front of her and in a beautiful setting/arrangement.

So unique!

I love everything about it! Quality is remarkable

Vision Board Reimagined™ Kit

Have it on my desk

I loooove this! I’ve always wanted to make a vision board but never got around to cutting out from magazines of printing the images from Pinterest so this is just what I need. I look at it a million times a day and helps keep me focused.

Capitals of The World

Excellent products and so great for presents!

Love these!

Love how simple they are! I also use them in my intuitive readings💖

Wonderfully made vision boards

I received a vision board myself as a Christmas gift and very much enjoyed it. Then I ordered 2 for my friends’ birthdays: one with photos and one with illustrations. The only thing that could be improved is that the illustration pack, in particular, is quite ‘girly’ and it was a bit strange for my (male) friend to choose images for his vision board from those. There are plenty, of course, but the ones including people mostly had female-looking figures :)

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