Vision board kit with photos by Bold Tuesday

Ready for your life to change?

Vision Board Reimagined

The best vision board kit for ambitious women wanting to create success.


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“I love everything about it! Quality is remarkable.”



“This has really transformed my life.”



“Obsessed. Helps me focus on the life I’m creating.”



“Totally sets my day and focus on the things in life that really matter to me!”



“It’s so chic. It was fun and simple to complete my vision board.”



Goal-setting has never been so easy

Everything included

No need for magazines, glue, scissors, or a printer

Saves you time

Start working on your dream life immediately

Use it infinitely

Rearrange and replace the cards as often as you need

Take it with you

It’s compact enough to carry to work, on travels, etc.

Keep it private

Close the covers whenever you wish

High quality design

Everything matches and looks good together

Are you

feeling overwhelmed by everything you want to achieve?

You can do anything, but not everything. That’s why it’s so important to know your priorities and stay focused. You probably know what you want from life. And you’re a high achiever. But you could reach so much higher. Reach your full potential.

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.”

- Zig Ziglar

A vision board is
a powerful tool to help you reach the next level in life.

A vision board is a powerful tool to help you reach the next level in life.

There’s more to it than just creating a nice collage with beautiful images. And there’s certainly more behind it than just wishful thinking.

Vision board helps you reach the next level in life

So we've created a

vision board that helps you thrive. Effortlessly.

Vision board kit with woman

Vision Board Reimagined™ is the ultimate goal-setting tool that is quick and easy to set up, so you can instantly start working on your best self and brightest future. This vision board helps you get clarity, keep your focus and motivation to achieve all your wildest dreams imaginable.

Just ...


Vision Board Covers


Visualization Cards


Motivational Cards

Vision Board Reimagined


Vision board kit with photos by Bold Tuesday


Vision board kit textile covers with a quote

Vision Board Covers

Keep your goals visible and organized with the handmade Vision Board Covers. The covers hold the Visualization Cards smoothly and securely in the slots. Place it on your desk, shelf, bedside or coffee table - wherever you can see it often.

Handmade high-quality textile

18 slots for your dreams and goals

2 cover versions available


Visualization Cards

Choose the Visualization Cards that best symbolize your goals, dreams and ideal life. The cards come in beautiful matching colors and cover all important categories of life. You can easily rearrange and replace these as often as you need.

100 photos / illustrations

Room for notes on backside

Sustainably sourced cardboard

Visualization cards photos for the vision board


Affirmation cards girlboss for the vision board

Motivational Cards

Mix and match the Motivational Cards with your Visualization Cards to get the extra boost of inspiration, positivity and confidence. You can also use the cards independently - pick a card each morning and let it guide you through the day.

52 motivational messages

Sustainably sourced cardboard

6 different decks

Achieve everything you want with Vision Board Reimagined™

Achieve everything you want with Vision Board Reimagined™


Get clear on what you desire in life


Keep your focus on your goals


Stay motivated to work on your dreams

I love this vision board!

Not only is this a beautiful vision board I love how I can change it up whenever I want. I keep it on my desk and look at it throughout the day.


Perfect gift for yourself, family and friends

I ordered the Vision Board as an anniversary gift and it was just as enjoyable to share with my partner for discussing future dreams, goals and plans as I had imagined. Highly recommend!



I wake up and look at it every morning. It helps keep me on track and motivated. Thank you!


Bring clarity in your life

Great design, simple layout, beautiful manifestations on the card. This kit brought so much love, pure joy and clarity to my heart.


Aesthetically pleasing and versatile!

So glad I don’t have to store a bajillion magazines anymore for my ever changing vision boards!


Perfect to use on oneself or for coaching clients

A perfectly designed tool for self exploration, stylish and practical, beautiful and useful.


I love my new vision board

It is so great and compact to carry around!




Vision Board

vision board

Saves you loads of time – start working on your goals immediately

You have to spend time searching for images from magazines

All the materials are included, it’s no mess, & you don’t need any tools

You have to buy and store a ton of magazines, scissors, glue, and paper

Change it up whenever you want – it’s easy to rearrange the cards

If you wish to make changes you have to create a new vision board

There’s no way you can mess up the design

You need some skills to make your vision board look good

Looks professional and mature – it’s perfect for teamwork exercises & coaching

Not all your team members or clients enjoy DIY & craft projects

Get the extra boost with Motivational Cards

Use the Motivational Cards as your daily dose of positivity, empowerment and motivation. Choose the topics that inspire you the most and pick a card each morning. You can keep these on your desk, in your notebook or on your refrigerator - wherever you need the reminder the most.

Motivational and affirmation cards for the vision board
Coach Camille Osborn portrait

“Getting clear on exactly what you want to create in your life is more important now than ever before.”

- Camille Osborn

Intuitive Business Coach for 7 figure earners
Uses Vision Board Reimagined™ with her clients


Giving back foundation

Your dreams help kids succeed

Each purchase gifts school days to children

Education is one of the best ways to grant access to a brighter future. But there are still over 260 million children in the world who are not able to go to school. To help, we’re supporting education in the poorest areas of the world - rural Uganda, Ghana, and Kenya.

Giving Back foundation Mondo Bold Tuesday


Ambitious women love it


School days given


Money-back guarantee

Get the Vision Board Reimagined™

level up
your life now

Vision Board Kit with affirmation cards

Vision Board Reimagined
for your clients and team

Vision board kit with illustrations by Bold Tuesday

Vision boards are the perfect method for visualizing the desired future together with your clients or team.

Find out how Vision Board Reimagined™ can help you in your work and why it’s more convenient than any other vision board out there!


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