POLAR MAPS Arctic & Antarctic

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It's a set of maps. Showing the top and bottom of our earth. The north and south. The Arctic and the Antarctic. In detail. The polar ice caps are highlighted with a glossy varnish. So get ready to explore the coolest places on the planet.

These special edition prints are a collaboration with Mari Hunt - an Estonian architect and polar enthusiast.

  • Two posters, both 50 x 70 cm | 20” x 28”
  • Sustainably sourced high-quality paper
  • Ice caps marked with glossy varnish
  • Shipped in a sturdy poster tube
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    Not your average projections of the world. Nor your average travel destinations. These one of a kind maps put the South and North pole in the spotlight. And give you an idea of how big the areas really are. Huge, to be exact. Find out what’s on the opposite side of the globe from your home. How does the world look from top and bottom. And how much is covered in ice. Ice. Baby. The polar regions are the ultimate destinations, when everything else in the world has already been seen, done and discovered. Hang these uniqe prints in your home to satisfy the explorer in your heart.


    The Arctic is the northernmost part of the Earth. It's the only place in the world, where you can meet polar bears. POLAR BEARS. In addition to these creatures, nearly 4 million people actually live there. Permanently. That’s quite a lot, considering the temperatures can go as low as -68°C there. Brrrr. But on the bright side, the poles also have 5 months of daylight. In a row. That, of course, is followed by 5 months of darkness. But hey, what else would you do in the winter, other than hibernate. Oh, and the funniest part about the Arctic? Any direction you point from the North Pole is SOUTH. So you never get the directions wrong.


    The Antarctic is the southernmost part of the Earth. Nearly 99% of the land is covered in ice making it the largest ice cap on Earth. It’s the same size as Mexico and the USA combined. WOW. It's also the largest desert in the world. Perfect, if you are not a people person. No polar bears there, but lots of penguins. 12 million to be exact. There are also more than 40 airports, but only one ATM. So bring cash. And warm clothes. If you thought the Arctic was cold, the temperatures in the Antarctic can drop as low as -93°C. Double brrrr.


    Mari Hunt is a talented architect from Estonia (a tiny-tiny country in northern Europe) who provides practical solutions for our everyday environments. With her team at the architecture office B210, she creates positive change through smart design. And not only in our everyday environments. For years, Mari’s passion and love have belonged to one of the iciest and coldest regions of the world - the Arctic. The colder and isolated it gets, the better. She has travelled to and worked from Franz Josef Land, Spitsbergen (Svalbard), North-Finland, Norway and Russia (Murmansk). Mari believes that every positive change we make in these regions, affects all life on our Earth. She hopes that more and more people will look closely at the polar regions and get to know these cold and rare gems.