"Go to work. Open computer. Scroll for plane tickets for 6 hours. Close computer. Go home."


Do you think that your life without travels is empty? Do you feel that there's a big world out there waiting for you? Do you want to explore the unknown?

We bet traveling makes you happy. Fulfilled. And you want to remember all of it. You want to say "I have traveled. I have seen. I have lived well."

We feel you. And that's the thing what connects us. Oh, and we both love the excellent design - simple, clean and minimal.

We design unique world maps and travel posters. So you can keep track of every place and country you’ve visited. And remind yourself of all you have seen.

So..where to next?



"Love this, so simple yet so stylish. Looks great on my wall."

by Oliver

"I absolutely adore this poster! I have it framed and on my wall now and receive SO MANY compliments on it! It made it to me quickly and without any damage. I would highly recommend this poster!"

by Kaitlin

"I love these maps so much. I look around for travel-related art a lot and these maps are unique and different than most other things I've seen."

by Danae

"It's just what I wanted! I was looking for a scratch map and didn't really like the typical ones as they are usually colourful. I needed something stylish and elegant. And black and white always is!"

by Anne