Our Story

We are a company for dreamers and achievers.
In short, our mission is to help you live a better life.

We started Bold Tuesday in 2014 when the world looked a whole lot different than today. At that time our dream life meant freedom, breaking out of the routine, experiencing different cultures, and exploring the world. So that’s what we encouraged people to do, with our minimal interactive world maps. But today we have to take a step back and ask again - what does a good and happy life actually mean. And how Bold Tuesday can help you reach it?

We believe the answer is our new product line - Vision Board Reimagined.

With this, we want to help you:
✔ get clear on your goals
✔ keep the focus on working on your dreams
✔ achieve a fulfilled and happy life!

We believe that goal-setting and visualization are powerful tools for this. Whether we need some self-tuning or extra motivation, a vision board helps us to keep on track. It makes us ask: What am I striving for? What is it that I really want in life? What makes me the happiest?

We have crafted vision boards both manually and digitally, but never found a solution that was…perfect. So we aimed to create one: an easy-to-use, no-tools-needed and best-looking solution for ourselves and all the goal-getters out there. After a lot of thinking, designing and testing, we can proudly say that we’ve indeed reimagined the vision board.

We believe this product is everything you’ve been looking for to start visualizing and getting closer to your dream life.

PS! We have one life, just one, so make sure you are living yours to the fullest.

Kairi & Markus
Founders and Designers

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