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Work towards your dreams and support kids doing the same.

We believe everyone in the world deserves a chance to make their dreams come true. Education is one of the best ways to grant access to a brighter future. But there are still over 260 million children in the world who don't go to school. To help, we’re supporting education in the poorest areas of the world - rural Uganda, Ghana, and Kenya.

child in Kenya with school diploma, Bold Tuesday and Mondo charity
Claire Yaula Were, Kenya. Mondo supported her education in Khaunga high school for three years. Claire was raised by an elderly grandmother who takes care of five children.


Let's change the world for the better, one child at a time. With each vision board purchase, you’re gifting school days.


Children in front of school with textbooks, in Ghana, Bold Tuesday and Mondo charity
Kongo middle school students, Ghana. Mondo has aided the children to buy English and math textbooks and helped to supply the school with electricity.

What does 1 school day mean?

We have teamed up with the NGO Mondo, who has been working with these rural schools in Uganda, Ghana, and Kenya for already 10 years. This financial support goes into their Brilliant Fund that helps orphans and children from families that suffer extreme poverty in Kongo village in Northern Ghana, Shianda village in Western Kenya, and Kikooba village in Uganda. The Brilliant Fund helps to provide basic school utensils such as notebooks, pencils, school bags as well as uniforms, mosquito nets, health insurance, and in some places also covers school lunches and exam fees. We have calculated the total cost of all this and then divided it with the length of the local school year. That’s how we calculate the cost of one school day for one child. With your contribution together we can reduce the financial burden of education on the local families.

Children in class in Ghana, Bold Tuesday and Mondo charity
Kongo middle school students, Ghana. Most of the parents of these children are small farmers, who struggle to provide school utensils and uniforms for their children.

How does education change lives?

Education is the best tool to help anyone make their goals and dreams a reality. And break the cycle of poverty. It can open the door to jobs, resources, and skills needed to not just survive, but thrive. A good education helps to live a healthier life, reduces both infant and maternal deaths as well as violence at home and in society. And the children of educated girls are twice as likely to go to school. So it can create a positive cycle.

Student, baby, parents and teacher in classroom in Uganda, Bold Tuesday and Mondo charity
Classroom of Kikooba elementary school, Uganda. 100 local financially struggling children can study here thanks to Mondo Brilliant Fund. 

About Mondo

Mondo is the largest Estonian non-profit organization devoted to development cooperation, global education, and humanitarian aid, operating since 2007. Their main activities are focused on improving health, education, and livelihood for the most vulnerable communities in the world. They currently work in 14 countries, ranging from Africa to South-East Asia.

Through their Brilliant Fund Mondo supports the education of about 500 children each year.


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