10 must-know tips & tricks for travelling moms

10 must-know tips & tricks for travelling moms

For Mother's day we put together some travel hacks for our superhero moms. Having kids doesn’t mean that you have to stop exploring the world. Sure, it’s trickier but it’s totally doable. We’ve put together a list of 10 travelling hacks and tips to help out all the moms who want to keep adventuring.

Research and plan.

Find out all the kid-friendly hotels, restaurants, places, activities, etc. Check out some local parks and playgrounds so your little one can play with other children, rather than strolling around the mall whining or seeing (boring) monuments.

Book a direct flight.

Avoid going through all the hustling at the airport second time and another take off and landing. Just pay a bit more to get a direct flight, it’s worth it and your nerves will thank you.

Pack lots of snacks and treats.

Even grown-ups are fussy with airplane food, not to mention kids. Having familiar foods to eat also means that children are less likely to be unwell during the trip. Don’t forget to take lollipops or gummy bears to chew on and prevent ear-popping during take off and landing.

Stay hydrated.

Take empty reusable water bottles to fill after the security check. This will save you money and is also good for the environment.

Bring new toys and games.

It helps to have something new and interesting with you to capture your little one’s attention longer. Like gel stickers to play with on the windows of the plane, new coloring books and jigsaw puzzles, etc. Also, prepare some fun and easy games to play to keep them occupied.

Vacuum bags, baby!

Ever tried packing for 4 people in one carry-on for multiple days? Before you say it’s impossible, get yourself vacuum bags and try again! Remember to pack light and smart, and bring clothes that are comfortable.

Wet wipes are your saviors.

Kids touch all sorts of weird and gross things, roll on the ground and crawl on everything… They will definitely end up dirty so pack more wet wipes than you think you need to keep them and yourself clean.

Wear your baby.

Get a sling to carry your baby in. Just strap your kiddo on your back and keep your hands free to roam around. You can be much more active this way and your little one can join you in all the adventures and hiking.

Travel with another family.

If it’s possible then join another family and travel together, this way you can take turns looking after the children. Plus your kiddos can play together and are less likely to be bored.

Relax, let go and trust.

This is supposed to be a vacation and a fun trip! You did your best to plan it out, now it’s time to go with the flow and trust that everything will go well.

It takes lots of patience and practice to travel with kids, it’s all about planning it out and preparing for everything. You will probably go through some trials and errors, but eventually, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks that work for you and make travelling easy even with your little ones.

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