Hello, world!

(Kairi:) Our fresh-out-of-the-oven new page is up and running, which means one huge challenge is now behind us. Time to take on the next! So we decided to start our first blog, which seems such an immense workload, as neither of us is a natural-born writer and there are always a billion other things to do. 
Why then torture ourselves? Well, firstly it will keep everyone that is interested in our doings updated, secondly to give some inspiration and good ideas for the reader, but writing it is also a hell of a great routine to adapt (think of the self-discipline), hopefully it will revive
some of the writing skills that have been lost in recent years (I’ve had almost no obligation to write anything more substantial for years,
awful..), certainly it will make ourselves smarter (and the readers too, if we get it right) and above all it’s a great way to remember and record Bold Tuesday’s development (even if we think we won’t forget, we will forget anyway).

Here are a few first ideas that we plan to publish regularly - firstly travel blog recommendations, all kinds of tips and travel hacks, Pinterest pick of the week from our feeds, noteworthy bucket-lists and also our own doings - of course news about fresh posters coming out, all kinds of special sales and events, all the bizarre difficulties we have met and everyday adventures that happen when you’re working on a project like that. To wind the challenge part up a notch - we also want to start a kind of a “forest challenge” and keep track of it here in the blog - we promise to find the time at least once a month to get out of town and go into the nature, the longer the better, preferably tents and sleeping bags and everything, regardless of the season. This goes into the department of: do something today that your future self will be thankful for. 


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