Top 10 gift ideas for men

We have put together a randomly ordered list of gifts that a Bold Tuesday kind of a guy would be glad to get: 


# 1: Worker's soap

What they say: This small batch artisanal product is for the man (or woman) who understands that being good with your hands means being good to your hands. Whether your dukes are calloused from carpentry, weary from woodworking or pencil-stained from paper-pushing, our Worker's Soap provides your hands with a heavy-duty, capable clean. And it's not just a hand soap: natural pumice makes it perfectly suited for scrubbing tough spots like elbows and feet.

Endowed with the unburdening aromas of tobacco, cedar and patchouli, Worker's Soap has a scent that is nothing short of hardy and strapping.

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# 2: A classical wrist watch

What they say: The 200 series watches from Uniform Wares are a continuation of the unisex watches in a simplistic design from the 100 series. The 202 watches have an italian calf leather straps, a Swiss made ETA calendar movement and a PVD coated stainless steel case.


# 3: The best camping hammock 

What they say: When you’re camping, there are a few different options for sleeping. Bring an air mattress if space on the ground and in your tent allows. Sleep on the ground. “Rough it” in a cabin if the facilities are available. Or, bring a hammock like the Roo from Kammok and sleep in that. What’s better about the Roo? It’s made of a proprietary diamond ripstock fabric that’s lightweight, tear-resistant and breathable. It easily packs into a water-resistant sack that compresses for easy travel and storage. Setup is easy. It’s comfortable. It’s easy to pack up. It’s also big enough for two in case you don’t feel like sleeping alone. If you camp enough to need a place to sleep, the Roo might be the best option.


 # 4: Outdoor cast iron skillet

What they say: It’s pretty much common knowledge that you can cook just about everything in a cast iron skillet. It’s the desert island pan and for good reason. They’re durable, impart awesome flavor, can be transferred directly to the oven and the cleanup is easy. The only real issue–if you can even call it that–was seasoning. It’s not difficult, but it takes time… unless you have this new Poler Cast Iron Skillet. The 12″ skillet comes pre-seasoned and ready to use out of the box. Standard cast iron skillet features like dual pour spouts on the sides and a hefty handle are here, but this one also has a tiny handle opposite the main one for two hands operation and easy pouring. It tips the scales at a sizable 7lbs, but that just means it can also double as a self defense weapon. 

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 # 5: Tie & apron

What they say: You have mastered the art of sous-vide cooking, you can mix up your béarnaise, you know the difference between rare, medium and well-done. You are the chef in your kitchen! Why not show it off with Tie&Apron? The Chef model is full-length and comes with capacious pocket space to fit in a secret recipe and ingredients of your favourite dishes. Although one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we’ve proven that food does in fact taste better when prepared in style.

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# 5: Grandma's woollen socks

Keep it nice and warm for the long nordic winter!









# 7: A minimal wallet   

Great hand-crafted wallet that fits everything you need without excess details by Tallinna Nahatöökoda. 

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# 8: Chef's Knife

What they say: The first thing you’ll notice when you see these Furtif Evercut Knives is their funky fractal handles and their mysterious dark shading. And while they look like a killer set to put on display in your kitchen, they’ll also outperform just about any other set of knives you’ve ever used. Each full tang blade features a laser-bonded titanium-carbide surface designed to last 300 times longer than steel and 5 times longer than ceramic. Basically, you won’t have to sharpen them for 25 years. Not only will you have the most eye-catching set of slicers and dicers around, you’ll have a set that will stay in prime shape even with little attention.







# 9: Field Notes notebooks

What they say: I'm not writing it down to remember it later, I'm writing it down to remember it now.

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# 10: Go! World poster  

Last but not least, our own Bold Tuesday's travel posters are a great gift for a guy who has seen the world a lot.

At first the “Go! World” poster is all black and the countries, cut into it as a contour, are barely visible. You can proudly peel open places that are already visited – a white image will appear from underneath the black surface and your personal world map is created.

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