Awesome way to mark your travels on the "Go! World" poster

How cooooool is that! Our travel poster is personalised with a gallery wall of photos. Sent by one of our fans from Estonia - a truly creative way to use our "Go! World" poster.

This is what she wrote to us: "Thank you so much for making these super-cool travel posters! We got one of those as a house-warming gift and decided to "hack" it a bit. Now it decorates a 3 meter wide wall and reminds us every day the good old travel memories and gives heaps of motivation to create new ones."

This map hack has a really nice feature, next to the gallery wall and photos - the pins and string. You can use the pins to mark cities (this makes a lot of sense for large countries like Russia, USA, Australia and others).  Connect the pins with string to mark travel routes on roundtrips. Or do it the way this fan has done it - lead the strings to clusters of photos. This way you can literally fill the whole wall with the most wonderful moments of your life.

This example shows that the black and white poster and 84x61 cm size is in no way a limitation, but just a canvas for your ideas and travel memories. Just get creative! 
You can buy the poster here in our webshop!
Want to get even more creative with your maps? Like drawing and colouring? Then you should also have a look at Colour! World map.

PS If you already have one, then send us a pic of your travel poster! We really-really want to see how it looks on the wall! Let's share the inspiration and ideas! 


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