Use this travel map for much more than just marking your own travels!

This week we received a really sweet and kind letter from Viliam from Slovakia. He pointed out two other ways you can use Bold Tuesday maps, besides just marking your own travels (which can also be done in a completely kick-ass creative way, using for example photos and pins, as we showed in our last blog post).

Here's what he wrote: "I have already bought 3 pcs of the Go World Map. One I have in my apartment. The second one I gave to my best friend, who is a real traveller. He really loved it and has uncovered almost every country :) The third one I use in our office. We use it to show the countries where our products have been supplied so far. So I think I do not have to mention I really like and admire your idea and its fabrication. Great job guys :)"
This means the world to us! Thank you Viliam!

Here are some more ideas about using the maps:
Hang one in your office to show where your customers, partners or foreign departments are. Or how your plans for conquering the world are
going. For example, one Estonian band has a goal that they want to give concerts in every country of the world and they use our Go! World map to mark their progress (here you can see the beginning of it).
Our friends from Ööloom have used our map to show where they have sold their awesome face blankets. Don't they have the cutest characters and graphics in the world?
... and actually we ourselves are also using one  of our own maps, the Colour! World, to mark how far and wide our maps have travelled across the world.

If you are a true traveller, then probably you have a lot of friends all over the world, whom you have invited to your home country a million times. Maybe you have also Couch-Surfed and are a host yourself? Or do you have an AirB'n'B place rented out? Or even a hostel? Which ever is the case, we're guessing you are keeping some sort of guestbook to collect memories from all the cool people and to show where they have come from. These travel maps make a perfect visual guestbook.

A Bold Tuesday travel map is also a perfect gift. for birthdays, Christmas, house warming, finishing high-school or college or why not returning home from a very long trip.
Travel is something that leaves few people cold. And our maps don't ask the receiver's age or gender - it is both a great gift for a teenager, your best friend, dad (it's usually super-difficult to come up with a good gift for them) or a colleague, as well as couples, families or roommates. They can mark their own travels and those of other family members or friends with different colors, stickers, pins etc - Colour! World has even a small legend for that.
Turns out our map can be the perfect gift for even political parties. Last Christmas it was given over to Estonia's largest party by the Parliament's Santa and the gift wasn't lacking anything in friendly irony - the Reform Party got a Go! World poster where they could mark the countries Estonia has already succeeded in GDP (as this party's election promise was to put Estonia in the top 5 of Europe). The map can convey any message - you just need a good story when you're gifting it :)
And finally, if you are still thinking that it is a gift for only people who can mark the whole world: this kind of interactive travel map sends out a good message both ways, if given to someone who has already travelled the whole world - as a nod of recognition for their accomplishments, as well as to someone who hasn't travelled much at all - to give that friendly nudge and say: "The world is waiting to be explored - just go!".



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