2019 Christmas Gift Guide: 14 Useful Gifts for Travelers

2019 Christmas Gift Guide: 14 Useful Gifts for Travelers

2019 Christmas Gift Guide: 14 Useful Gifts for Travellers!

It’s time to feel merry and jolly again! 🎄🎊🎁 Our favorite time of the year is just around the corner and as much as we all love getting gifts, it can be quite stressful to handle all the hustle ’n’ bustle around Christmas - hunting for presents, surviving endless family dinners, enduring freezing snowstorms, etc. 🥶 To save you from additional stress and help you out with some gift ideas, we’ve put together a list of 14 useful gifts for travelers.

What are you waiting for? 👉 Read on to find out what to gift to your loved ones who travel a lot or treat yourself with a little something from this list!

14 Useful Travel Gift Ideas For Christmas 2019:

  1. Tesalate Travel Beach Towel

Price: €49 / $59

You know that feeling when you’ve packed your stuff for a beach vacation 🏝, your luggage is almost bursting at the seams and then you remember that you still have to pack a towel… Yeah, we’ve been there. These things take so much room! Fortunately, Tesalate has come up with a solution: super compact, ultra-absorbent and rapid-drying travel towels! Extra points for funky patterns that will definitely get a few envious looks from your fellow beach bums.


  1. BÉIS Passport & Luggage Tag Set

Price: €32 / $34

A traveler’s greatest fear involves a lost passport or luggage… 😱 We wouldn’t wish it on our worst enemies! Fortunately, Béis has designed a beautiful set that includes a passport holder that acts as a mini wallet, a luggage tag and also a clear pouch for your last-minute essentials or liquids. Help your favorite travelers keep their passport close to them and their baggage tagged in style! 💁‍♀️


  1. A Good Company Stone Paper Notebook A5

Price: €25 / $27

Introducing you to the world’s first climate-positive notebook made of re-used stone by A Good Company!  It’s gonna keep your travel itinerary, important memories and other information stored in one place and safe from accidental water spills or even from hurricanes and torrential rain, as it’s totally waterproof! 💦 Say bye to paper cuts and torn sheets - this is THE notebook your travelholic friend wants to own from now on till the rest of their life!


  1. Bold Tuesday Travel Tote Bag

Price: €29.90 / $32

Be bold with this cool bag from Bold Tuesday and tote your new favorite motto “Work hard. Travel harder.” around town proudly (pun intended 😝). You can actually choose between four messages and get the one that speaks to you most! Please be informed that this is not your average tote bag, it comes with a big pocket and a lanyard for your keys, so you can get lost, but not lose your stuff. 📱💸🔑 It’s bigger than the average one and has extra long & wide straps for carrying up to two 3-month-old pandas aka 10kg. 🐼 Uh-uh, this is totally every traveler's new favorite tote bag!


  1. SoL Cups 8oz Reusable Coffee Cup

Price: €25 / $27

Love coffee but don’t really love disposable coffee cups? Same here, we’re done with single-use stuff and you should be too! ♻️ Sustainable is the new cool and with SoL Cups you can still grab your coffee to go in a sleek reusable coffee cup. ☕️ Their cups are ethical, made of hand-blown glass and get a big YES from us!
PS! Disposable paper coffee cups are lined with plastic to keep them waterproof, and therefore aren’t recyclable nor biodegradable.


  1. Vasco Compression Packing Cubes

Price: €32 / $35

Tired of traveling with a friend with messy luggage, wrinkled clothes and complaints about never finding that freaking top they thought they put in the bottom left corner? 🙆‍♀️ We present you with the best packing hack: compression packing cubes! Yeah, we kinda wish that somebody had told us about them earlier. They help you save so much room in your luggage and keep everything organized. 🧳 Vasco bags are classy, durable, waterproof and with a smart design, making it easy to find your belongings.


  1. Light-my-Fire Titanium Spork

Price €16 / $17


Ever heard of a spork? No? Well, you’re missing out, because this is the best invention for the traveling/camping/hiking foodies who think that plastic is not so fantastic. A spork is a spoon-fork-knife all in one! 🍝 Light-my-Fire has made a titanium spork that’s super lightweight, heat resistant and never breaks. Always carry it with you cause you never know when the hunger strikes and you need to eat a yogurt or cut some veggies.🍴


  1. Nimble All-in-One Travel Adapter

Price: €55 / $60

Ever traveled to the UK, made it to the Airbnb, discovered that your battery is running low, grabbed your charger, hurried to the nearest socket and discovered that it’s all wrong? 😩 Nimble has solved all your socket troubles by making an all-in-one travel adapter that works in over 150 countries! It’s 35W and can charge up to 6 devices at the same time. 🔌 If you’re talking tech, here’s some more info: Dedicated USB Port | 35W | Dual USB-C | QC 3.0 | PD | Twin Fuse | Double PCB. Anyway, we’ll take four, thanks! 🙌


  1. Airbnb Gift Card

Price: from $25

If hotels are too fancy for you, but hostels are too shabby, then an Airbnb is definitely perfect! 😎 Experience cities like a native, live in a local neighborhood and discover all its gems. You can rent a room or a whole apartment and explore your favorite destinations. The best thing is that an Airbnb gift card never expires, which gives a timeless gift a whole new meaning! 👌


  1. Airbolt Smart Travel Lock

Price: €55 / $60

You’ve probably seen those creepy videos of airport staff blatantly rummaging around travelers’ luggage, trying to find valuables and stealing them? 🙅‍♂️ Knowing that your stuff is never quite safe can be really stressful, which is why Airbolt has come up with a smart travel lock that even lets you monitor your belongings 24/7 from your smartphone. Buh-bye baggage anxiety! 👋


  1. Ethique Solid Shampoo Bar

Price: €14 / $15

Situation: You’re going on a city trip to Berlin with a friend and to save some money 💸 you only got a carry-on bag. You’re a smart packer and probably won’t need much stuff, but then you take a look at your half-empty shampoo & shower gel bottles and remember about the liquid limit… A Shampoo bar by Ethique saves you both the trouble with carry-on liquid limit, lasts a long time and is zero-waste! 🙌


  1. Sockwell Compression Socks for Travelling

Price: €25 / $27

“How original, gifting socks for Christmas”... 🧦 Umm, Sockwell begs to differ! Firstly, socks are essential and always needed. Secondly, if you’ve ever flown long-distance then you know that compression socks are life-changing: say bye to swollen and sweaty feet. These are definitely our new favorite socks! 👌


  1. True Coordinates Custom Map Jewelry

Price: from €87 / $95

Need a sentimental gift for a special woman in your life or your favorite travel buddy? 👸 True Coordinates makes custom jewelry based on street maps, so you can keep important places close to your heart. 🗺 Simply enter the coordinates of a place where something special happened (e.g. being born, meeting your lover, marrying your wife), and have it made into a classy necklace!


  1. Bold Tuesday List of Countries Poster

Price: €29.90 / $32

We left the best gift idea in the end: List of Countries poster by Bold Tuesday. This unique world map poster features all the countries of the world from biggest to smallest and lets you mark the visited places. ✈️ We might be a bit biased, but it’s a must-have map for all the travelholics and minimalist design lovers out there. It’s definitely a unique gift and you can’t go wrong with this one! 🎁

So there you have it, a selection of useful and universal Christmas gifts to give to people who love to travel. We’re 100% positive that choosing something from this gift list will make any travelholic happy! 🎉

PS! Share it with Santa so he knows what to get you this Christmas 🎅

PPS! If you want more then check out our 2018 Christmas Gift Guide to find 12 minimalist gift ideas for travelers!

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