Hands up if you’re totally done with boring empty walls!


Raise your hand if you've ever purchased a poster, a map, or a print (whilst being overly excited to hang it on your wall) only to find it months later, still in its tube, sadly collecting dust in the corner? 👀 And the designated spot on your wall is still blank and lonely, yearning… Yep, us too. 🙋

Even worse, you received the poster as a gift, haven't hung it yet, and the gift-giver is coming over for dinner, yikes!

But don’t you worry, we’ve got you from now on. You’ve made the first step to spice up your walls and we’re here to help you with the second step! 👇



Introducing your poster’s new best friends: the magnetic poster hangers! 🎉


We've seen some amazing photos from our customers in which a plethora of creative hanging tools have been used including traditional framing, Washi tape, pins, clips, hangers, etc. Kudos to you all, and keep sharing your photos #boldtuesday.

That said, we understand it's so much better when you can buy a complete product that can be hung up ASAP, whether you're buying it for yourself or as a gift. 🙌

So, we set out to find a solution. As our travel posters and maps have the interactive component - peel, color, add red dot stickers, highlight, etc - we wanted to provide an alternative to traditional framing in which glass wouldn't get in the way of marking where you've traveled.

That’s how our magnetic wooden poster hangers were born! And of course they had to be black, because really… is there even any other colour? 🙃



poster hangers up on your wall in SECONDS? 😳 ...A piece of cake.


We wanted the wooden poster hangers to be as simple as possible, super easy to install but still look fancy. No more hassle with heavy frames, tape or poster putty. Put your poster up within minute(s) and in 3 easy steps. Take a look, how exactly. 💁


Poster hangers installation step #1:


Clip the magnetic hangers on your poster. 🧲 The one with a loop for the push pin goes on top and the other one on the bottom.


Poster hanger: clipping the magnets on to the poster


Poster hangers installation step #2:


Use an included wooden push-pin and push it into your wall. 📌 If your walls are on the harder side (e.g. brick), you can use a nail or screw.


Poster hanger: push the push-pin into your wall.


Poster hangers installation step #3:


Hang your poster up on the push-pin, make sure it's straight on your wall and voilá, you’re done! 👏



PS! To make it more fun and challenging for yourself, set a timer to find out how quickly it can actually be done! ⏱️ We’re pretty sure you’ll make a new world record in getting your poster up on the wall.



WAIT...BUT Why should you prefer poster hangers over frames?


Both wooden hangers and frames make your poster look good. But the hangers have one wonderful advantage over frames: now you don’t have to remove your poster from a frame every time you want to mark a new country you’ve traveled to! 🗺️


And trust us, it gets tiring to remove the poster every time you visit a new country, especially if you travel a lot. You can thank us later.



Need more convincing that these poster hangers are the best?


We think that our magnetic hangers are freaking awesome and a total game-changer in the wall-art-world. But we might be a bit biased, so don’t just take our word for it!


Here’s what Leisa has to say about our hangers:

5 star review


So, what are you waiting for? 👉 Click here to grab a pair of magnetic poster hangers for your favourite Bold Tuesday poster!

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