New travel map "Find it! World" out now!

“Find it! World” is one of a kind travel poster. One like you have never seen before. 

Which country do you see first?

We know that life can be quite a puzzle sometimes. People are always searching for something. Whether it’s daily stuff like “where did I put the office keys” or “will I ever find a pair of perfect jeans?” But those are just things. Even more we are in the search of an adventure! We want to see new wonderful places, meet new exciting people, find inspiration and get to know new cultures. We all want to find something that makes our heart skip a beat. And it could be anywhere – hiding.

This clever travel map is here to inspire your searches! All the 197 countries of the world are hidden in the word puzzle and you have 2596 letters to search from. It’s fun combined with beautiful minimalist Scandinavian design made to match every wall. It is also an ideal gift - every poster will become truly unique as the owner starts marking the countries. All you have to do is find a marker, find the countries, color them and see how colorful YOUR world is.

You can buy it online from our web shop here!

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