Garage 48 Tourism X Bold Tuesday

This weekend over 117 startup people gathered in Pärnu to rethink tourism and create some true innovation in a 48 hour hackathon. We were proud to gift some of our travel posters to the wonderful people who mentored the teams!

What Garage 48 says about the event: "Garage48 Tourism Pärnu hackathon has been a very cool experience! 117 participants, 17 working prototypes and 48 hours later we are still standing strong! We hope this weekend has inspired our participants to act and think bigger. This is our first Women Special event in Pärnu that was focusing on a special field. And what could be more special than TOURISM, which feeds the souls of many passionate travellers around the world. It is amazing that we had 17 projects and 35 pitched ideas focusing solely on innovating and shaking up the tourism industry! We are also happy that women are getting more and more active in the ICT business, as we managed to attract 38% of women to participate and pitch their ideas. Our last year's winner Sorry As A Service has been incredibly successful being in the Techstars London 2015 batch and having raised some seed money as well. Let's see what the future holds for this year's winner, but one thing we can predict already - they all will kick-ass!"

The overall winner of the hackathon was Eventstatistics - a dashboard for event managers to track data about your event, before, during and after; runner-up Localsmade which helps you to support local economy by consuming the best of what’s made by local entrepreneurs; other special mentions included Group2fly which helps to get international teams together to a specific location, save time of booking and minimize the waiting time of the participants, Vactivity that promises to let you experience life like a local with locals and others.

These ideas sound more than awesome! Bold Tuesday certainly hopes to hear more of them in the future!

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