Q&A with Mari Hunt - an Estonian architect and polar enthusiast.

Q&A with Mari Hunt - an Estonian architect and polar enthusiast.

The polar maps were designed in collaboration with Mari Hunt - an Estonian architect and polar enthusiast.  

Who is Mari Hunt?

Mari Hunt is a co-founder of an architecture office, lecturer at the university, polar enthusiast and a tiny house builder. For years, Mari’s passion and love have belonged to one of the iciest and coldest regions of the world - the Arctic. Mari believes that every positive change we make in these regions, affects all life on our Earth. She hopes that more and more people will look closely at the polar regions and get to know these cold and rare gems. Read more about her work here.

We asked her some questions about her expeditions and love for the coldest areas in the world. 

Q: What made you interested in the polar areas?

A: The melting ice caps. If all the ice covering Antarctica, Greenland, and in mountain glaciers around the world were to melt, sea level would rise about 70 meters.

Q: Which places have you visited there?

A: I have travelled to the Arctic - North of Skandinavia peninsula, Franz Josef Land, Svalbard.

Q: When you first went there, what surprised you the most?

A: It was summer and there was polar day but we only saw sun few times. Most of the days were cloudy and rainy.

Q: Have you met polar bears?

A: Yes, one from the distance. he was stranded on an island and eating grass. The next one i saw was dead, then I went very close.

Q: What’s the coldest temperature you’ve felt?

A: It was very cold in the middle of Canada in Winnipeg that is one of the coldest places in the word (Antarctica is of course even colder)

Q: Why did you design the polar maps?

A: First i was interested in the Arctic region, so I wanted to put the polar area in the middle while thinking about the possibilliteis for the area.

Q: Advice for someone interested in travelling to the Arctic?

A: Merino wool and layering - thats the ting that keeps you warm.

Q: Interesting fact of the Arctic, you didn't know before going there?

A: Polar foxes are like cats, once they get familiar with people they can be very friendly.

Mari Hunt

You've met the designer. Now it's time to meet the Polar maps. Take a look here. 

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