List of Countries Poster - Unique World Map

List of Countries Poster - Unique World Map

Hello, friends. Today, on the boldest of Tuesdays, we are exuberantly excited to announce the launch of our new and improved List of Countries infographic poster. “But Bold Tuesday,” you may say,  “we loved the old List of Countries!” Have no fear, worldly people, because we did, too (and still do). That’s why we kept but improved upon the concept to make it even better—we heard you, we listened, and we made some tweaks. Because we think anyone with an innate curiosity about the world (that’s you) deserves the best.PM

 What has changed:

  • Size: The new poster will fit standard sized 61 X 91.4 cm | 24" X 36" frames.  
  • Info: We’ve included the capital city of each respective country, because knowledge is power. Does anyone remember capital cities outside of geography class? You do? Well, good on ya. But if you don’t, List of Countries will help make you a bit more impressive on your next date.
  • Included countries: If you have specific questions as to the countries included, let us know in the comments and we’ll answer as best we can. Or click here for more info.
  • We now include red dot stickers so you can easily mark where you’ve been and see where you still have to go. That said, you can use them to mark anything you want, really. Where you’ve had your best meal. Where you’ve run a marathon (kudos to you). The map— and world for that matter—is your oyster.

Mark your travels world map poster

Most importantly, though, is why we’ve made this poster and what we wish you to get out of it. Naturally, as maps are one of the greatest tools for understanding the world, we’ve relied upon a two-dimensional view to explain the geography of a three-dimensional world. Most maps are based on the 1569 Mercator projection, which was a schema (created for navigational purposes) that distorts the true size of relative landmasses the further away they are from the equator. We see Finland, for example, as larger than France when it is in fact smaller.

So we decided to take the world map, deconstruct it, simplify it, beautify it, and voilà—List of Countries was born. We hope it inspires you to stay curious about the world—be bold and see the world differently!

P.S. If you know any fun and or interesting facts about the world/your country, share them in the comments section or reach out to us on social! Thanks!

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